Graphic Art

Dinosaurs Doing Gymnastics (2016)

Some illustrations I made using pen and ink and coloring in Photoshop. Dinosaurs once roamed the earth long ago but the harsh mistress known as natural selection caused these fearsome beasts to die out in favor of animals with more desirable characteristics. For example dinosaurs are terrible at gymnastics. Their awkward bodies are not equipped to even do a simple roundoff backhandspring into a triple backflip jackknife twist.

Scary Monsters Doing Innocent Things (2016)

A group of illustrations I did using pen and ink and coloring in Photoshop featuring scary monsters doing innocent things like playing with puppies or eating candy. Perfectly harmless and not at all terrifying. 

Monsters Dressing Up as Monsters (2016)

A group of illustrations I did around Halloween using ink pen and coloring in Photoshop. Ever wonder what monsters dress up as for Halloween? The answer is other monsters of course. Why would a monster ever want to be anything else?

Monstervational Posters (2016)

Some illustrations I drew using an ink pen and edited in Photoshop for my Senior show at Austin College. I explore Monsters dealing with depression, sickness, injury, and other ailments. Even the most fearsome characters still deal with human problems.


Monster Anatomy (2015-2016)

Created monsters in photoshop by morphing together pre-existing animals and objects. I tried to imitate anatomy and educational textbooks by labeling the monsters' body parts and internal organs and showcasing their habitat.


Adobe Illustrator Artwork (2016)

My attempts at learning Adobe Illustrator yield interesting results.


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